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The design in the ceramic industry has been integrated as an element that adds value to the final product.

GRUPPO PRO CERAMIC was born as a company dedicated to the creation of enamels and frits. With the time we pay more attention to the design to obtain the best result.

This is why we have created a design department with trained and updated personnel in the new trends, supported by the international ceramics fairs, which allow us to bring innovations to the Mexican market.

From the creation of an enamel to the presentation of a final ceramic piece, we focus on assisting our customers in all digital procedures (color options, profiling table, calibration of print files, variations in required tones etc.) in order to have a better experience and results.

We have the most advanced technology and digital printing equipment PROJECTA® with GS12 and GS40 print heads that provide greater color intensity and definite effects, used by the big ceramic tile manufacturers.

The ceramic industry competes with other types of industries. Now it is possible to take the ceramic beyond the graph, adding texture, color, brightness, appearance and addition of any materials, such as stones, woods, marbles, metals…

In 2015 GRUPPO PRO CERAMIC joins SMALTICERAM®, an Italian company born in 1970 and recognized for its high quality of enamels, dyes, granules and premium finishes worldwide.

With this commercial alliance, GRUPPO PRO CERAMIC has the authorization and support to work with these products and adapt them to the different markets in Mexico, guaranteeing our customers high value products.


Special effects

Passion is
our deal

Smalticeram® has developed this range of materials as a new advantage in the technical product and the double press, which consists of atomized ultra-white, atomized enamels, atomized color and flakes, combined with new application technologies to achieve a unique product and differentiated.

With the innovative spirit of GRUPPO PRO CERAMIC and the raw materials of Smalticeram®, new technologies have emerged that translate into effects and finishes that are completely real and never before imagined.


Excellent finishes

The variety of results in the final finish surpasses the expectations, since it has multiple applications. These results guarantee characteristics such as resistance to abrasion and dirt.


GRUPPO PRO CERAMIC, through SMALTICERAM®, offers a wide range of high quality granules available in various colors and granulometries, composed of granules with finer grain size, spherical granules (granules subjected to a special treatment to be applied in different enamelling processes Or on ceramic rollers), colored granules (granules with color additions) and pellets.

The high standards in the granulometries refer to more resistant materials (subjected to different laboratory tests) and high performance to the product from a technical and aesthetic point of view, with a great variety of results in final finishes.

Digital inks

Art and

Digital inks have emerged through constant research into innovative products, which give it the possibility to develop new aesthetic effects to the ceramic and give us the ability to bring new trends to the market.

In recent years, digital printing in the ceramic sector has experienced a significant increase in use, to become in the future the main and only decoration system.

Smaltink® is a range of inks for the digital application certified by the main machinery manufacturers of the market. For this reason, Smaltink represents a colorimetric certificate system and is perfectly compatible with all modern digital printing machines on ceramic materials.


Currently, the Smaltink® pigment series consists of 10 tones; it consists of series of inks for digital machines and a complete and efficient colorimetric system.

This series of inks includes different effects, such as luster, matte, white, protective enamels and gloss. The precision of the digital print combined with the wide range of colors of Smaltink allows the ceramic producers to achieve extraordinary results.


The best color

Reduced ink consumption.


Reduced volatility in paint vehicles

The cleaning intervals of the heads are longer.


Eco Solution ink lines

A range of high performance and eco friendly inks made with non-toxic products.


Eco friendly

Their containers are made with biodegradable products.